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In the 19th century, Bayside was primarily farmland, and rich people would visit it as a rural resort. Bayside started as a settlement for the Matinecock Native American tribe in 1637. It was inhabited by the Matinecock Indians first, and then it was later settled by the English in the 17th century. 

Some Bayside people in the history of Bayside are; William Lawrence of England, the owner of a fleet of clipper ships used for the China trade. He built the first permanent building, a stone farmhouse when he settled Bayside in 1644. Another is Joseph Crocheron, who owned the Bayside house that was well known for its clambakes. The famous character George Costanza from the TV series Seinfeld once stated that his family is from Bayside.

Many people who live in Bayside are part of family households. They represent about 67.0percent of all households with an average household size of 3 people. The median age of the Bayside people is 38.3 years. About 15 percent are over 65 years of age. Bayside is a more educated community when compared to other American communities. About 83 percent of the people aged 25 and above have graduated from at least high school, and 35 percent have a bachelor’s degree or higher. 

The majority of Bayside people are young and middle-aged adults. 19 percent are between the ages of 0 – 17; 26 percent between 25 & 44, and 31 percent between 45 & 64. 

It is hardly unnoticed how the people of Bayside bubble with smiles, are vibrant, and always friendly. Even though the Bayside neighborhood is highly diversified, it thrives in its unity. It can also be inferred that the people of Bayside are fun-lovers as Bayside has hundreds of acres of parks, with golf courses, ball fields, picnic areas, and hiking paths.



Bayside Demographics

Bayside Queens Peoples Profile

Data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey reveals that the demographics of Bayside changes significantly from area to area. For instance, the area bordered by the Clearview Expressway to the west, Bell Boulevard to the east, Northern Boulevard to the north, and 48th Avenue to the south, houses about 43percent of Asians, 31percent of Hispanic, 19percent of black and 13percent of white. Other areas are majorly white, mostly inhabited by those of Italian, Irish, and Greek descent. German Americans made up 6.7percent of the population while Polish Americans were 3.5 percent of the populace. 

There is a small African American community representing 4.5percent of Bayside’s population. American Indians make up just about 0.2percent of the neighborhood’s population. Pacific Islander Americans were almost non -significant as there were only seven individuals of this ethnic group residing in Bayside according to the 2000 Census.

Based on data from the 2010 United States Census, the population of Bayside-Bayside Hills was 43,808. A decrease of 563 from the 44,371 was recorded in 2000. As of 2017, the median household income in Community Board 11 was $70,155. In 2018, an estimated 14 percent of Bayside and Douglaston–Little Neck residents lived in poverty, compared to 19 percent in all of Queens and 20percent in all of New York City.

Bayside currently has a population of about 49,341. There are 23,965 male residents and 25,376 female residents. The total number of households is 18,345 with three people per household on average. Bayside covers an area of about 1,857.24 acres (751.60 ha), the neighborhood had a population density of 23.6 inhabitants per acre.


Bayside Culture

Bayside, New York’s Best Culture

The culture of Bayside In terms of language is described as this; 52.9percent of the population aged 5 years and over speak only the English language while the remaining 47.1percent speak a language other than English. Due to the large Hispanic community in Bayside, 10.4percent of the total population speak the Spanish language. Also, due to a large community of foreign-born European Americans, 15.2percent speak an Indo-European language other than Spanish. In part of the significant Asian American community, 20.7percent of the population speak an Asian language at home. The southern and eastern portions of Bayside have a more ethnically diverse population.

Bayside is rich in arts and culture. Culture plays a vital role in engaging and celebrating the diverse community in Bayside. Certain celebrations make up for the beautiful and exciting culture of the People of Bayside. Some are listed below;

Bayside Arts Festival 

The Bayside Arts Festival features an exciting series of arts and cultural events, competitions, workshops, and exhibitions that are accessible, innovative and engaging. An essential fixture of Bayside’s Events calendar, Bayside Arts Festival features the famous `Sculptures by the Sea’ Exhibition.

Bayside Art Awards

The Bayside art Awards is a yearly celebration done to recognize outstanding achievements in sculpture, photography, and visual art.


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