May 4, 2020

CREAMPUFF, CLUNKER, or something in-between?

During this challenging time, it’s reasonable to put off interior repairs, perhaps indefinitely. But exterior improvements, that’s another story. Of course, financial considerations notwithstanding, this might be a perfect time to consider sprucing up your home’s curb appeal. There are many good reasons for choosing to do some exterior enhancements. This summer, more than ever, any entertaining you are going to do is going to be outdoors. Backyard parties, barbeques, and other outdoor gatherings will be the safest way to gather with friends and family until a vaccine arrives. You know how, when company comes, you usually run around your home and clean up, maybe even fix that old water stain on the kitchen ceiling or replace that leaky faucet in the bathroom? Now that more entertaining will take place outside doing the same thing on the exterior could make a big difference to you and your guests. If you really should get your leader and gutters cleaned, could use some minor roof repair, or cement work around your home’s perimeter, it’s typically not easy to find a really good professional to do small jobs. Right now, in many cases, contractors and professional building managers/supers have been out of work due to the city’s shutdown. Many of them would only be too happy to do small jobs now, just to make ends meet and use their skills to feel useful.

It’s been hard for me too. I have never taken longer than a two-week vacation in my entire 33 plus year career. I will never again complain about not having enough time off, I have had enough time “off “ for a lifetime, and I bet there are more than a few of you that feel the same way. Two weeks ago, I decided that for my mental health, I needed to see beauty. I needed color, and I needed something new, other than navigating ZOOM, that I could learn and enjoy. I weighed the financial investment against the emotional benefit and decided to increase my budget for landscaping my home this season. I decided that in the summer, when I hope to at least be in the next-normal phase of work, I would be willing to give up some flowers and colorful landscaping so that I could obtain more joy now. JOY, it’s something we need right now. And my landscaper needs the work. With so many losing their jobs and uncertain about their future, they lost some accounts, and need to keep their workers employed. I am happy I did. Never in my life have I appreciated the little things, like tulips, daffodils, and more potted plants than I do now. I recommend you consider doing this, it will keep your spirits high, and providing work for others is another one of those things that should do us some good, as we work together to re-fuel our economy.

Most of you know that I am a pretty tough taskmaster! Fair but firm, I always say. So if you need a recommendation for any serviceperson, whether you need a roofer, landscaper, concrete/cement specialist, or just an excellent handyman, don’t hesitate to contact me at, or call or text me at 718-986-5970. I will be only too happy to help provide a professional who will be excellent, reliable, and courteous. 

Stay safe, and I hope to see you in the neighborhood.

April 30, 2020


Last week we had a Zoom meeting and I spoke to my colleagues about how we need to have a 3R approach as we both forge ahead for ourselves, our buyers, sellers and B team( lawyers, inspectors, bankers etc.) while being patient with ourselves and the current situation. This past Sunday Governor Cuomo talked about re-imagining our way of life here in NY. The Energized Realty Group is now moving from recovery to reimagining the new pillars of our business. Safety, expanded technology, more collaboration with clients and other agents, that’s all part of it. We now have a practical system for re-starting selling homes. There are buyers and sellers that want to resume their goals of moving. We are here to help, not cavalierly, with silly slogans like, “if you can choose your spouse virtually you can buy your home virtually.” Rather, with respect and practicality. And it is getting done. If you want to know how we are doing it, just call or email me, I’ll be happy to outline it clearly. I also have spoken to homeowners who want to talk to me about the value of their homes. I can help with that as well, in many cases without physically coming to see your home if you are currently living there. After all, I’ve been selling Queens properties for 33 years, and have seen so many interiors that I can generally give you an idea of what to expect without needing to meet face to face at this sensitive time. And I can explain how, just give me a call.

We must all go through the 3R’s. RECOVER. RESPOND. REIMAGINE. And we are. We hope you are too, and if we all do we will enjoy a 4th “R”- RE-EMERGE – better, stronger, and even more effective.

April 21, 2020

The real estate world, and indeed the whole world is changing. In fact we were in need of change, but maybe not as rapidly or as urgently as we have been thrust into responding. Real estate had gotten too cut-throat, too transactional, and the real estate community had become too uncooperative. That’s all got to change now, because if one thing is truer than ever, we are all in this together.

Over the past 30 days, here are just a few of the things  we are implementing or enhancing in a post COVID real estate environment:

1. We have taken courses in conducting virtual showings, which surprisingly is very different from the virtual tours that agents had available for buyers to view whenever they wanted.

2. We are creating new safety systems for buyers, sellers and agents, to stay ahead of where we are right now, and be fully ready when we reopen for face to face contact.

3. I am re-reading one of the best business building/team building books, “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” by Leoniciti, to re-align my  business objectives and how I can help and nurture my most committed colleagues.

4. I am spending a lot of time learning, discussing and exploring how business is being conducted by agents in other states that can practice real estate  since COVID hit our lives and our businesses, so that I can put best practices into place as soon as we formally re-open.

5. We are on the phones with every single one of our in contract sellers and buyers, as well as lenders and lawyers to make 100% percent certain that not one sale falls through at this very sensitive time. We are being extra sensitive to the needs of these clients and customers, recognizing that people need to be communicated when and how works best for them, and while we are in uncertain times, we can do our best to alleviate some stress in this area.

6. I am taking A LOT of yoga classes to release stress so I can make room for more change and more learning.

If you have any suggestions on how you think we can do better business, or have absolutely any question regarding a future real estate consideration, just call me direct at 718-986-5970. Remember, we are all in this together. I hope your families are well, stay safe.

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