Whitestone Neighborhood

Beautiful Whitestone

The Beautiful Whitestone Neighborhood is a sleepy waterfront neighborhood of tree-lined streets, lawns that are well kept and salty breezes off the East River giving it a rich and fascinating view. It is located in the Northernmost of New York City.

An upper-middle-class to an upper-class residential neighborhood in the borough of Queens it is properly bounded by Flushing and 25th Avenue to the south; the East River to the north;; College Point and Whitestone Expressway to the west; and Bayside and Francis Lewis Boulevard to the east. Sometimes residents when telling people who have no idea where Whitestone is located simply say they live near Bayside and Flushing. The Whitestone Neighborhood contains the subsection of Malba, which is bounded to the north by the East River, to the east by the Whitestone Expressway, to the south by 14th Avenue, and by 138th Street to the west.

The residents of Whitestone testify that it is a very friendly and liberal area as they have very good relationships with their neighbors and share love like family. If you stay in Whitestone you are most likely Italian, Greek or Irish or a combination of any two. Unlike most other Neighborhoods in NYC, the people of Whitestone enjoy backyards, parks and even pools in their houses.

The people of Whitestone do not understand the concept of looking for a parking space when they get home they simply pull into their driveway. The Whitestone Neighborhood is a small area and so there’s a very big chance you would meet someone you know when you go to a shopping center, driving or taking walks because everyone knows everyone!

Whitestone Demographics

Whitestone Population

Whitestone Neighborhood is located in Queens Community District 7.  It’s ZIP Code 11357 is widely used to define the neighborhood. The northwestern corner spreads beyond the expressway to the estate section known as Malba, an enclave of about 400 single-family houses. The Whitestone demographics are quite unique.

According to data from the 2010 United States Census, the Whitestone population was 30,773, a 1.9% decrease (583) from the 31,356 occurred in 2000. Another Census Bureau Estimate in 2014 says the population in Whitestone is about 40,600. Whitestone covers an area of 1,584.85 acres, and the neighborhood has a population density of 19.4 inhabitants per acre.

Whitestone, Flushing and College Point which constitute the Community Board 7, had 263,039 inhabitants as of NYC Health’s 2018 Community Health Profile, with an average life expectancy of 84.3 years. This is longer than the median life expectancy of 81.2 for all New York City neighborhoods. Most inhabitants of Whitestone are middle-aged and elderly, 22% are between the ages of 25–44, 30% are between 45–64, and 18% over 65. The percentage of youth and college-aged residents is about 17% and 7% respectively.

Whitestone and Flushing generally have a similar rate of college-educated residents to the rest of the city. While 37% of residents age 25 and older have a college education or higher, 23% have less than a high school education and 40% are high school graduates or have some college education.

Whitestone Culture

Whitestone Family

Whitestone Neighborhood is one of the best places to live in NYC and those that live there or grew up there can agree. It offers residents an urban feel and most residents own their homes. Many young Whitestone professionals and retirees live in Whitestone.

Here are some Whitestone cultures you should know.

They take most of their photos of important events at the Francis Lewis Park in front of Whitestone Bridge; They love Sandwiches from Toy or Vasi and agree that Cascon has the best cheesecakes; Have their birthday parties at Playrobics; and since Whitestone is not a large Neighborhood move around with their bikes.

The housing stock and building culture in Whitestone is rich and diverse including, Dutch colonials, Tudors, Cape cods, Victorians, ranches and stucco houses built mostly between the 1920s and 1950s. Teardowns and rococo top-to-bottom renovations are also common.

If you live in Whitestone you either went to St. Luke’s 193, Holy Trinity or P.S which are really good public schools. Attention is paid to education as the Whitestone’s rate of elementary school student absenteeism is less than the rest of New York City. In Whitestone and Flushing, 9% of elementary school students miss just about twenty days per school year which is lower than the citywide average of 20%.

The food culture is dominated by traditional Italian bakeries and restaurants like the Clinton. Other options include; Honey Bee Cakes, a cheerful café, and bakery; Ginger and Lemongrass, a small, stylish new Vietnamese restaurant.

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